DIY: Matting Powder *english*

How about a keen, easy-to-do matting powder which is also good for your skin? PLUS: you´re able to reduce your waste of plastic! Sounds good? Let´s see!

All you need are the following stuff:

  • 1 screw top jar (it should have a wide opening for your brush)
  • a sieve
  • 1 tablespoon starch
  • a little bit of Ceylon-cinnamon
  • some healing-earth (I prefer “Luvos”)

Depending on your skin-colour you can try these ingredient, too:

  • 0,25g dried hibiscus blossoms (e.g. from tea companies)
  • 0,5g cacao powder

If you use the hibiscus blossoms, like I do, you´ll need a mortar to pestle them. This is not very expensive (about 20€), but in the end, you can save a lot of money with this.

Just mix the ingredients until it matches with your skin colour. Strain it through a sieve like you do with the DIY-Dry-Shampoo.

On the right you can see my old powder which I bought from „Alverde“ and on the left side my own creation. First I did it without the hibiscus blossoms, but this was to pale for my face (like on the pics at the bottom). I´m a little rosy so I need the cinnamon and the hibiscus.

It covers little irregularities and will matt your shiny skin. Plus: the healing earth helps against unclean skin and the cinnamon is disinfecting, too (but please watch out, some people are allergic to cinnamon!)

left: my own Powder – right: Alverde

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