DIY: Sour Rinse / Conditioner *english*

Maybe you already know about stuff like „Shampoo-Bars“ or maybe soap for your hair. It´s a nice way to wash your hair, mostly with very natural ingredients and not wrapped in plastic. If you use soap for your hair you definitively should finish with a sour rinse. But even if not, this homemade “conditioner” could be interesting for you, if you´re looking for a natural and cheap way to make your hair soft and shiny. And brushable (is this a word in English? I don´t know, but if not, I´ve just invented it – amazing! 😉 )

Long story short, this is something even my grandmother did when she was a kid. It´s simple, it´s keen, it´s helpful. You´re welcome!

You need:

  • 2 litres of water (as cold as you can handle it ^^)
  • about 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar


I prefer the vinegar from “Alnatura” or „Bio Zentrale“, because it´s organic, vegan and comes in a glass bottle. Since you need just a little bit of it this won´t be very expensive, even if you buy an organic product.

I mix this every time, before I go into the shower. Wash your hair and finish with this sour rinse. First dip your hair-ends into the rinse, then pour it slowly over your head. You don´t have to wash it out again and don´t worry, your hair won´t smell like vinegar after you left the shower.

Why should you do this?

Oh dear… now I have to explain this to seem reasonable? Alright then. First of all, the vinegar will remove the chalk from your hair. This is especially important if you live in areas with hard water like I do. Further it corrects the PH-value of your skin. Cold water will close the surface of your hair. After that your hair should´ve got an extra glance and it should be easier to brush.

Still a little bit wet but already soft and shiny ❤

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